Antelope UP

Memory Building Game for Young and Old Alike

Memory and more

Antelope UP goes beyond improving your memory.

It takes you from the mundane to the natural wonders of Africa as you begin matching the antelope that inhabit the five different regions.

It is a visual processing delight, using two levels.  Early visual processing includes luminance, contrast, placement and color.  By changing the background images, adding motion, and lighting effects in the program to change the luminance, it encourages your brain to access the second level of visual processing in the lateral occipital complex by using shape. 

And the bonus...

Science begins by detecting and identifying similarities and differences.
  1. Amboseli NP | Kenya | Antelope UP
  2. Dinder NP | Sudan | Antelope UP
  3. Namib Desert | Namibia | Antelope UP
  4. Kainji Lake NP | Nigeria | Antelope UP
  5. Bénoué NP | Cameroon | Antelope UP





Africa has five regions: north, west, central, east and south. 

Players select a region for the game play.  The temporal setting for the background is the default.   The levels of play track the temporal differences during the 24 hour day.  

The background Random setting option rotates the scenes so that every player can benefit from the visual differences provided in the game.

The game also has a sky option that provides a high contrast between the antelope data set and the background.
In addition to the luminance and color patterns for the antelope, the game uses the size of animal as a visual clue to distinguish between the antelope in the data set.

Structures, such as shape of the horns, elongated ears, and hooves, help the player detect and identify matching antelope.

When playing the mate match game level, the data set includes the male and female that must be matched to win.  

This provides an opportunity to see similarity and diversity within the species.

Antelope UP provides several ways to visualize the cause and effect of matching antelope.

The most immediate effect is when the antelope is matched, it jumps up, grunts, and runs off the screen.

The scoring system is generous and accumulative.

When a pair is correctly matched, the player receives 100 points, and when the level is complete,  the player receives bonus points depending on the level difficulty.

When the player fails to match a pair, they lose one point.

The only time a player loses the game level is when they play with lions.  Matching two lions, you lose the round, and no bonus points earned.

Lion Levels introduces that concept of prey and predators.

The level score is than added to the total score.  This is designed to encourage the players to continue to play so they can enhance their skills.
Antelope UP includes the Quality of Life aspects for the player to monitor the game.

The player first encounters the region sector on the Region map.  Once the player played a game level in a region, the corresponding sector is colored in on the sector wheel.  It also reminds the player the last level they played.

During game play, the player can select an antelope, then select the binoculars icon to see a larger image of the antelope with its mate.  

The number of times the antelope was seen by the player, and the number of times the player matched the antelope also is presented.

This introduces the concept of data analysis to the younger players.

The classification of selected animal is also presented on the left side bar, from Kingdom to Species.

The name of the animal and a distinguishing fact is vocalized for the players.