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Karen E. Blake • Karen is a licensed geologist now working in Bakersfield, California.  She earned her Associate of Art in Computer and Information Science and her Bachelors of Science taking night courses while raising three boys in the Houston area.  

Volunteering in the schools, working as a substitute teacher while working on her degrees, and fighting the education system that failed to teach her middle son how to read, Karen wanted to make a difference.  Her idea was to introduce science through literature.  Build on what they know.

Years later, when the technology was available, Karen went to work.  Her first app, Physics on the River, was a technical success - not only proving Proof of Concept, but that she had the skill set to follow the project through from concept to completion.

The next step was to write a story that was set in an environment that lends itself to as many sciences as possible.  The Serengeti was perfect.  The Great Migration.  The Great Rift System.  Early Man.   This list expanded to include the social issues we are facing:  population growth, habitat encroachment, and economic pressure to expand into the Serengeti.

What Karen needed was a great story - PAKA was born.  The screenplay turned into a children's book that won first place in it's division at the San Mateo County Fair in 2016.  It was just one of her many awards she won for her writing and photography.

Turning the script into a novel, expanding the storyline, and opened up opportunities to develop the story world that included youth novels, children's books, video games, and tabletop games to teach science concepts, and develop critical thinking skills.

What is Transmedia Storytelling?

Think Star Wars.

With the proper structure, this platform can lead the way into our schools, engage our children's minds, and inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers.




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Taking Science out of the Lab

Favorite Resources
Science Writer
John was living in the Congo Basin when  I asked him to compile five white papers.   The topics I requested were:


The white papers  John provided are structure for the basis of the trivia-style game.
Think Map
A Map of Thinking Involved in Understantding

Observing closely and describing what's there
Building explanations and interpretations
Reasonin with evidence
Making  Connections
Considering different viewpoints & perspectives
Capturing the heart and forming conclusions

Our stories are packed with science.  The study guide is designed for educators to unpack the science  complete with classroom ready lessons.
2007 Report
The charge was to answer three broad questions:

How is science learned, and are there critical stages in children’s development of scientific concepts?

How should science be taught in K-8 classrooms?

What research is needed to increase understanding about how students learn science?

We incorporated many of the suggestions in the report into our games.